Kenyah - Borneo, East Kalimantan - Indonesia

Dimensions: Height 30.25"
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An early Kenyah Dayak mandau, The hilt is wrapped with very fine krowit in 2 types of weave,small missing section on the midsection. The carvings on the hilt reveals many hidden designs, looking from the top view, it shows a face with a protruding tongue, once reversed the tongue displays an Aso motif also this same design is seen form the side of hilt, now as the crown of the side profile hilt shaped Aso head. Within the hilt, leech and interlocking spirals adorn it intricately with 4 deep sunken interlocking spirals performed only by skilled carvers and is 95% intact, rare due to it's fragility. The blade still retaining some sharpness, has good weight to it. Stamped on the top spine, 2 kinds of interlocking repeated patterns, withing them an abstract repeated Aso (dragon /dog ) motifs throughout the blade. On its reverse, a clear and fine Aso design situated near the hilt. Very skillfully executed throughout. The scabbard features interlocking spirals and fern designs along with buttons consisting of spiral relief and eyes within along with other patterns. Overall this is a very sound and complete early mandau that is exceptional. Dates back to 19th Century. Ex Dutch Collection.
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