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Dimensions: Height 41", Width 5" Provenance: Ex- Cook Museum, Australia, Ex private West Australian Collection
Price: $2,800.00
This early example is slightly shorter than usual with deep glossy patina, collected in the late 1800's, has it "wings" on the first 1/3 section of it's length. Said to be of Tongan or Samoan origin, some of the oldest surviving Fijian clubs are of the Culucula type. This war clubs were used as broad swords, the sharp edges on the very hard wood, have been sufficient to snap, if not cut through bone. This piece lacks the rounded basal knob like the kiakovo clubs, but in it's place is fine and worn incised markings of Fijian origin, below this the collection number looks to be like H 52 (?) : Provenance: Ex- Cook Museum, Australia. A very similar reference is in the book Fijian Artifacts - Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Collection - Rod Ewins page 44.
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